Art meets Paw

With claws, I could be a better artist. I'm sure of it. The Persian Brothers Fine Feline Wool Mfg & Distributors have them and use them in the service of softening furniture (one of their side ventures). I harvest their catwool on a daily basis.

Since the founding member of the Brotherhood died, there has been a merger with Peaches Ltd.

You can see the variation she brings into the business, with CEO-elect, ZZ Lindsey.
Their new fall line is going in a classic direction, felted neutrals, very timeless.

This time of year invokes a return to favorite themes from childhood, cats and owls, just in time for the Audubon Society's Wild Bird Festival. The cats help me over the fear of blank canvas which comes like a hiccup whenever I see the 6x6 square staring back at me each year.
Isn't there a curious relationship between these small predators?
On a personal note, I refound my closest girlfriend from the many elementary schools I attended. Somehow she and I stuck, and stayed, no matter where I was dragged off to next. I am beside myself with happiness to find her again. Somehow means that I wasn't invisible afterall. She too is an artist, and has an exceptionally close bond with animals. When I watch my grandson paint, I think of how truly children show themselves in their art and creativity, and sometimes, keep this wild soul all the way through life. She has, I have, what about you? What keeps your wild soul turning with the seasons? What thing of the past will you reclaim this month in honor of the Dead and Living? May you grab it with paw or claw and make the most of it!