Art meets Current

Art found me in the eddy. My grandson visited this week, gathering walnut bark, twigs and lady's mantle from the garden to make boats. After years on the water, my long oar serves only to stabilize raspberries in the wake of Menieres, the high seas in my head which keep me seasick on land, but unable to sail anymore. Then here came Kaiden to the landlocked garden, bringing back the art of boats!

We crafted a small fleet for a regatta, packed it up and headed to the Clackamas River. What could be better than launching our leafy flotilla down the sparkling waters of the Clackamas River in dazzling late afternoon sun?

The Universe has a curious current. I had just reconnected with my mentor from 40 years ago who introduced me to the world of sailing, though my grandson was unaware of it. Casually following his intuition, he simply picked up the direction of the wind, expressed his instinct through art and hoisted the family sail without knowing the heritage in words.

This is what amazes me in art: it emerges connected to experiences both personal and collective. Like electromagnectic vibration, it manifests in myriad forms we can observe and when it does? Magic. Energy has a signature. Kai's regatta told a family tale spanning several generations. He feels the Universe as an alive thing and answers, sending his dreams, and ours out upon the water. How do you send your art out into the world?